Frequently Asked Questions

What is FYPM? 

FYPM is a platform where influencers can anonymously share their experiences collaborating with different brands and search crowdsourced compensation data, making it easier to figure out what price to charge for their services.  Like Glassdoor, but purpose-built for the needs of the influencer community.  

How can I sign-up?

Influencers may sign-up for our platform by joining our app and completing all requirements to become a registered FYPM user.  Once you become a registered FYPM user, you will receive an invitation to join our platform and use our services.  You must be a registered FYPM user to receive an invitation to our platform and view other influencers’ anonymous data.

What are the requirements to become a registered FYPM user?

1. You must be an influencer, or their agent. 
2. You must create an FYPM account, here.
3. You must contribute at least one anonymous review, here.


Our goal is to put more money in the hands of influencers, not giant corporations. Our requirements are designed to protect the integrity of the FYPM community, generate a robust, useful dataset and encourage an environment where every FYPM member feels safe to express themselves honestly and contribute back to the community.

Do I count as an "influencer"?

You count as an influencer if you have ever made an agreement with a brand and/or outside entity to promote the brand and/or outside entity on your social media in exchange for some form of compensation, including, but not limited to: cash; free product and/or services; discounts; travel expenses; gift cards; event tickets; "exposure"; etc.

I'm not an influencer or an agent, can I still join FYPM?


Who can see my anonymous reviews?

Only other registered FYPM users (influencers who have already contributed back to the FYPM community) will be able to see your anonymous reviews.

Why do you ask questions about race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. when I create my FYPM account?

FYPM is a platform dedicated to the advancement of underprivileged groups of people in society. We ask influencers in our community to disclose personal information about race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. so we can create a track record of individual brand's hiring patterns / commitment to diverse representation and hold brands accountable.